International Real Estate Project Development


At Kirk Larsen & Ascanius, we have made international real estate project development one of our core strengths. This is a wide-ranging field, covering the conception of an idea right through to the completion of the project and its ultimate sale.

Central to real estate project development is an innovative idea or vision which will generate increased property value by changing or extending the potential of the property, be it by altering the existing use or, for example, by replacing older buildings with new ones dedicated to residential or commercial tenancies.

When working with the on-going development of a new idea, it is imperative to be fully conversant with the legal ground rules applicable to the project phase, from conception to completion.

A wide variety of rules and regulations may be involved, and as advisors we can assist in all aspects, including planning legislation, construction law, tenancy law, financing, real estate transactions, environmental law, company law, tax law, etc.

Our services are rooted in many years of experience, and we can draw on the expertise and know-how of a broad network of international collaborators, thus optimising the advice available to our clients.  Our services include:

  • International real estate transactions, including negotiation and drafting of contracts covering both acquisition of real estate and the subsequent resale following the completion of a real estate project
  • The financial aspects inherent in acquisition of real estate and the completion of a real estate project, including the financial configurations
  • Relevant rules and regulations covering aspects of public law, including in particular planning and building legislation, planning and operating permissions along with environmental law
  • The corporate set-up in connection with the completion of a real estate project, including drafting of corporate documents
  • Preparing contracts relating to other aspects of the real estate project, including construction agreements, cooperation agreements, commercial tenancy agreements, etc.  
  • Taxation matters relating to acquisition of real estate, completion of the real estate project and resale of real estate after completion of the project

We deliver top of the range advice, firmly based in experience and an extensive network. Please contact us for an assessment of the advice required if you are considering an international real estate project development.


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